Telecom Power Cable

Jupiter Communications exclusively offers RG Flex cables, a family of DC Power Cables that have been tested and certified by Telcordia and meet the functional performance requirements of GR-347 Issue 3, TPR.9212 and ATIS-0600017.2020. RG Flex cables, also known as Central Office Power Cables, are Telcordia-certified meaning that the L2, L3, and L4 power cables are suitable for use in all telecommunications applications including central offices, remote terminal applications, data center and outside plant remote cabinets that house electronics equipment.

Jupiter’s L2, L3, and L4 RG Flex are in stock in a variety of colors and ready to ship along with any other connectivity solutions you need for your application.  Let Jupiter Communication’s product experts ensure you have all the products you need to for a successful power installation, whether it be in a central office power cell or telecom application.

Jupiter Communications knows that in order for the telecom infrastructure to remain sound, engineers and procurement specialists must source high quality materials that meet all the necessary industry specifications and also ensure a specifications entire list of components is available for technicians. Jupiter exclusively offers RG Flex telecom DC Power cables. Paired up with Burndy connectors and installed with Burndy tooling, you have an engineered system and proven winning connection.

From cables to lugs to all other connectivity solutions, Jupiter Communications can ensure your power solutions are comprised of the best components.

RG Flex DC Power Cable

List 2 DC Power Cable

Single Copper Conductor 600 Volt, Class I Flexible Strand Without Braid, LSZH

List 3 DC Power Cable

Single Copper Conductor 600 Volt, Class B Flexible Strand With Braid, LSZH

List 4 DC Power Cable

Single Copper Conductor 600 Volt, Class I Flexible Strand With Braid, LSZH

Jupiter Communications is the exclusive distributor for all RG Flex power cables in North America.

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