Amphenol Wireless Solutions

Jupiter Communications and its team of seasoned telecommunications professionals represent industry leading communications solutions from Amphenol Times Fiber.

Amphenol Wireless Solutions (AWS) is a unified group of industry experts devoted to increasing the performance, availability, and reliability of wireless communication network materials across the North America. AWS uses state of the art engineering and manufacturing techniques, and delivers a personalized customer service and support experience to match.

With several North American manufacturing facilities working together, AWS is capable, reliable, efficient, and committed to delivering the highest quality wireless network materials, with the shortest delivery times, and best customer satisfaction. AWS’s products are suitable for anyone designing, building, or testing wireless Macro, DAS, CRAN, or Small Cell networks.

Product Solutions For:

  • Macro
  • iDas
  • Small Cell/oDas
  • C-Ran

Amphenol Product Solutions

  • Amphenol Antenna Solutions
  • Times Microwave
  • Time Fiber
  • Amphenol Fuyang
  • Amphenol Fiber Optics
  • ProcomAmphenol Sine Systems