iber Optic Custom Assemblies

We know fiber optics. Jupiter Communications | Cablcon have a 30+ year history of building the highest quality custom fiber assembly products. With a little bit of information we can build to your specifications and ship faster than anyone in the industry.

We are the place for all your custom fiber optic assembly needs!!!


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To properly build an assembly to your specification there is some information that we need to get you what you want. The more information provided the better.  So let us know not only what fiber cable, glass, connector, length and breakouts you want but let us know where you are installing the assembly. We have built to order millions of assemblies and can help assure that you are going to get what you want when you want it.

Connector Types

  • MTP
  • QSFP

What Connector type on each end: Example – LC to SC
Fiber Core: Example – 50/125 OM2 – Orange Jacket
Fiber Strand Count: Example – 12 Fiber
Fiber Type: Example – Distribution Tight Buffer
Length: Example – 100 Feet (end to end)
Cable Type: Example – Indoor/Outdoor Plenum

Breakout Type: Example – 2mm furcation tubing
Breakout Length: Example – 36 Inches
Staggered or Non-Staggered Options:
Connector types : See above
Fiber Core: See above
Fiber Strand Count: 1 – 144 strands of Fiber Glass

Fiber Type:
Distribution Tight Buffer (900um) mainly used for Premise
Loose Tube (MicroCore Distribution – 250um) mainly used or long haul or splicing and MTP Ribbon (mainly used with MTP Connectors)
Duplex Zipcord
Aerial with Messenger (attached wire used for Support – Figure 8 design)

Cable Type: Riser or Plenum or LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)
Outdoor (Non-Gel, or Gel Filled)
Breakout Type:
Furcation tubing: 900um Fanouts for Loose Tube, 2mm, 3mm
Breakout Length:
Staggered or Non-Staggered
Standard lengths: 24 or 36 Inches or custom length


All of Jupiter Assemblies are guaranteed to meet current standards.

Each and every assembly undergoes a rigorous  quality control protocol.

All specialty assemblies are built to order ; custom lengths are never an issue.