Trimm Inc

Jupiter Communications knows DC power which is why we partner with the industry leader in DC power distribution panels and accessories. Trimm Inc. sets the standard for high quality product, competitive pricing and on time deliveries.



DC Power Distribution

Optimum Value GMT Fuse Panels

Optimum Value Breaker Panels

GMT Fuse Panels

KLM Fuse Panels

TPA Fuse Panels

KLM/GMT Fuse Panels

Demarcation Panels

High Current PDS’s

Total Access Fuse Panels

Total Front Access Combination Fuse Panels

Versatile Fuse/Breaker Panels

Collocation Interconnect Power Panels




DC Fuses and Disconnects

GMT Fuses

KLM Fuses

TPA Fuses

TPS Fuses

TLS Fuses

TPC Fuses

TPL Fuses

Telecom Fused Disconnects

Dummy Fuses Blanking/Plugs


DC Circuit Breakers              

OV Breaker Panel Circuit Breakers

Single Pole Circuit Breakers

Two Pole Circuit Breakers



Heat Baffles

Bridging Clips

Rack Adapters