Who We Are

Jupiter Communications is a premier, low cost product supplier to the telecommunications industry. Our mission is to help service providers reduce their overall operating expenses. Ultimately, this increases their profitability and competitive position in the marketplace.  We are the one-stop shop for all your central office, switching, power, transport, optical, cellular and ancillary equipment.

Mission Statement

We specialize in unused, refurbished and remarketed telecommunications equipment.  We have a large shelf stock with access to a huge network of quality products.  And cables?  Absolutely.  We supply thousands of low price custom length fiber optic cables,specialty wire and cable assemblies, including:

  • SingleMode Cables
  • Multimode Cables
  • Singlemode Attenuators
  • Multimode Attenuators
  • Patch Cables

Extensive Product Inventory

With access to over 50 manufacturer’s products, and an extensive inventory on-hand, Jupiter Communications can provide most OEM products within 48 hours and at a substantial savings. Let Jupiter Communications save you time and money by being your first choice for ALL Telecommunications equipment needs.

Remarketing Program

Jupiter Communications offers a unique remarketing program. We offer multiple options for the re-sale of decommissioned, unused, or re-used equipment.  With over 100 wholesale vendors and over 50 Independent Telephone Companies domestically and internationally, Jupiter Communications is well positioned to receive the most competitive bids for your pre-owned equipment.  We can purchase the equipment outright or broker the sale. Contact your local sales executive for more information about this program.

Unsurpassed Quality Service

We’re a powerhouse because we have the ability to locate and purchase quality products world-wide. We buy from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), service providers, and certified equipment wholesalers. This coupled with unsurpassed quality service is our value added proposition.

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